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pulse filter cartridge dust collector

kunshan industrial environmental protection technology co., ltd.-2022世界杯买球平台

xxx cooling system (suzhou) co., ltd. is located in suzhou, jiangsu province. it is the leading enterprise of global evaporative heat exchange products and ice storage products. products are widely used in commercial, industrial, refrigeration, power generation and other fields. adhering to the quality policy of "quality first, perfection, innovation and excellence" and "compliance with laws and regulations, prevention and control combination", "pollution control and efficiency increase, reduce risk", "all staff participation and continuous improvement" is the environmental and occupational health and safety policy.
xxx cooling system (suzhou) co., ltd. attaches great importance to the working environment and environmental protection of workers. because welding smoke and dust in welding area can not be effectively discharged, and has a certain impact on the indoor environment. it is required to collect the welding smoke dust in the welding operation of the staff and discharge the standard after filtering, and reduce the dust content at the operation site. now commissioned by xxx cooling system co., ltd., our company is responsible for the design of the national environmental protection related requirements, and designs a set of 35000cmh pulse filter cartridge dust remover to make the treated components meet the relevant environmental standards.

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