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dry type explosion-proof dust collector

kunshan industrial environmental protection technology co., ltd.-2022世界杯买球平台

xxx co. ltd. is located in jiangsu province, suzhou industrial park, which belongs to the foreign-funded enterprises, since the reform and opening up, business has been steady progress, mainly engaged in wood processing enterprises: wooden furniture.
during the production and processing of wood, a lot of wood dust, paint and dust are produced in the workshop, which is harmful to the production environment, safety and health of employees. the company attaches great importance to the company to send technical personnel with xxx limited leadership status and discussion of dust characteristics production equipment to produce dust, and discuss the site transformation of the details, the xxx limited company, according to the design and construction experience of national related industry related laws and regulations, our company responsible attitude to design in accordance with the requirements of the relevant national environmental protection, design a set of 39000cmh pulse bag dust collector, after the design processing equipment, this system has been discharged.

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