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development history
  • certificate of qualification for environmental protection engineering, high new product identificati...

  • won: iso9001, iso14001 and other system certification

  • the patent for the system of explosion-proof wet dust removal system and so on

  • rto and other equipment

  • organic exhaust gas absorption and desorption concentration catalytic combustion equipment system

  • patent: ventilation and ventilation equipment

  • a warehouse top dust collector, a waste gas treatment activated carbon adsorption equipment, a verti...

  • patent: single machine dust collector and filter cartridge type dust collector

  • boiler dust removal equipment, photolysis, plasma and other equipment

  • self production and manufacture of spiral wind pipe

  • regeneration of activated carbon and the birth of catalytic combustion equipment

  • independent research and development of fan

  • development of organic waste gas treatment equipment

  • research and development of acid and alkali waste gas treatment equipment

  • industrial environmental protection machinery manufacturing company set up main product for pcb indu...

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