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oil mist treatment equipment manufacturer briefly describes the characteristics of oil mist treatment equipment

the manufacturer of oil mist treatment equipment briefly describes the characteristics of the oil mist treatment equipment. the oil mist treatment equipment is also called the lampblack vacuum cleaner. it is a highly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly device suitable for the best oil mist treatment equipment in the workshop. oatuu oil mist treatment equipment with high efficiency filter technology of centrifugal separation, after the first shunt cone into the first level filtering device, remove the oil mist particles of more than 20, after entering the centrifugal separation system, the centrifugal force generated powerful high-speed rotation of the impeller, the oil mist particles of more than 3 from the exhaust gas is separated and returned to the product oil trading, and finally into the hepa filter, oil mist particles level 0.3. characteristics of oil mist treatment equipment: 1. filter efficiency is efficient and durable: different from electrostatic filtration or other media filtering, the efficiency changes are not obvious. 2, the equipment is stable and reliable: using the built-in impeller, the high protection ip54 grade motor and the abb thermal protector's reasonable match can make the equipment stable and reliable for a long time. 3, the maintenance cost is low: compared with other types such as electrostatic, medium filter, and so on, the maintenance cost is low. low noise design: the damping design of the installation support and the main body of the equipment, the low noise motor is used to rotate directly, and the noise of the equipment is reduced. 4, easy to install: each collector can be installed directly on the machine tool and support, and it is convenient to install and disassemble. simple and safe maintenance: no spark, no high pressure risk and vulnerable components, even if the connection collection hose, can also replace the filter. the fan impeller is not exposed. in machining process, due to the influence of heat generated by high-speed rotation and machining, the cutting fluid used for cooling and lubrication will be atomized instantly and spread to air for a long time. the oil mist workers after inhalation of serious damage to human health; attached to the floor to form a film workers when walking easily slip; attached to the ceiling for a long time will form a black top and metamorphic smell, affects the image of the enterprise and workers work pleasure; the workshop is attached to the bare items on the aggravation of potential fire hazard. oil mist purifier is a new environmental protection equipment born in modern industry. it has excellent collection and purification effect on oil mist, water mist, smoke and other pollutants produced in machining. therefore, the environment of the machine workshop is purified, the hidden danger of production safety is reduced, the health of the workers is ensured, and the production efficiency and image of the enterprise are improved. oil mist treatment equipment yw2525 series oil mist purifier is suitable for producing oil mist, water mist and smoke and dust in the process of processing. for example, the use of water soluble cutting fluid, cutting oil cnc machining center, drilling and attack machine, cnc lathe, edm, wedm, gear shaper, hobbing machine, pier head machine, toothed machine, cleaning machine, spray laboratory and so on. the amount of exhaust per hour is 4*60=240 cubic meters, and the inhalation air volume of the purifier is more than 240 cubic meters per hour. oil mist processing equipment manufacturers here simply describe the characteristics of the corresponding oil mist treatment equipment. if you have some unclear points, you can consult with the oil mist treatment equipment manufacturer: http://www.gongtongks.com.

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