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environmental protection rto regenerative incineration system provides a new method for the treatment of organic waste gas

oatuu environmental rto regenerative burning system provides a new method for organic waste gas treatment technology, as industrial waste management experts and enterprises, oatuu environmental emission control technology including regenerative oxidation technology (rto), catalytic oxidation technology (co), adsorption desorption purification combined technology and adsorption recovery technology, low-temperature plasma technology, organic waste gas treatment machine etc..
vocs has been engaged in processing and coating system engineering work so far, has a rich theoretical and practical experience, has been completely cracked rotating rto core technology: rotary distribution valve and high temperature ventilation valve, the optimization and innovation of the rotating foreign rto regenerative burning system technology, clean efficiency of the rto heat treatment of waste gas incineration system reached more than 99%. organic waste gas is a main component of industrial waste gas in china. it has great influence on environment and human health. meanwhile, because of its complex sources and components, it is difficult to handle organic waste and its treatment methods are different. therefore, in the treatment of industrial organic waste gas, it is necessary to choose the appropriate methods to integrate many factors such as technical maturity, economy and equipment maintenance.
oatuu environmental rto includes regenerative chamber, oxidation chamber, air blower, it absorb the exhaust gas through the regenerator oxidation heat, exhaust gas and use the heat to preheat incoming, thus effectively reducing the waste gas treatment after heat emission, but also reduces the heat loss of exhaust gas temperature of the exhaust gas oxidation, keep high thermal efficiency in high temperature oxidation process (thermal efficiency of about 95%), its safe and reliable equipment, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low operation cost, high removal rate of vocs, the main equipment service life of 10 years, 7200 hours of running time of the system design and operation system to meet the annual, under any conditions are stable and continuous safety of oxidation treatment.
rto is the core technology of the system by using regenerative burning ceramic honeycomb regenerator, can reduce the exhaust heat loss, maximize fuel efficiency, reduce energy consumption; improve the theory of oxidation temperature, improve the oxidation conditions, meet the requirements of high temperature thermal equipment and expand the scope of application of low calorific value fuel, especially the application of blast furnace gas, improve the utilization of fuel calorific value rate; improve the furnace heat exchange conditions, improve the quality of the products and production equipment, reduce equipment investment; reduce emissions of exhaust emissions per unit of product of thermal equipment and harmful gases, reduce air pollution, improve the environment.
oatuu environmental safety protection system rto regenerative burning system is equipped with complete oxidation, the room is equipped with flame detector, flame detector and pilot burner interlock control, when the flame detector can not detect the flame, gas intake valve closed, the gas outlet valve and bypass valve open. rto regenerative burning system oxidation chamber is provided with a long fire burner, keep indoor oxidation at any time has not caused the fire deflagration due to the variation of gas concentration. the upper part of the oxidation chamber is equipped with explosion-proof mouth to prevent the damage of the gas deflagration to the furnace body, and it plays an instantaneous pressure relief function. there is a bypass flue in the system. when the system is in abnormal operation, the exhaust gas is discharged directly into the atmosphere from the bypass flue. before entering the rto thermal storage and incineration system, the exhaust gas pipeline is equipped with an exhaust gas concentration detector. when the exhaust gas concentration is not within the set range, the vocs exhaust gas does not enter the rto system, and is directly discharged from the bypass flue through the chimney to the atmosphere. the exhaust pipe is equipped with a fireholder in the exhaust pipe before the rto device, and it will not explode because of the backfire.
it adopts plc automatic control, and achieves the safety protection function of automatic control oxidation and automatic control interlocking by collecting and transmitting parameter change signals of temperature and pressure. the operation state of the key equipment in the oxidation treatment equipment, the temperature and pressure of the key points are monitored. in order to ensure the normal operation of the waste disposal system, the safety protection function of automatic control oxidation and automatic control interlocking is achieved by collecting and transmitting the parameter change signals of temperature and pressure. ensure the stability and efficiency of production, reduce labor intensity, improve the operating environment, and realize modern production management in the process of processing.
the above is the introduction of rto thermal storage and incineration system manufacturer for rto thermal storage and incineration system. if you want to know more, we can focus on rto thermal storage and incineration system manufacturer: http://www.gongtongks.com/

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