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advantages of rco catalytic combustion equipment

rco catalytic combustion equipment sales xiaobian, today, i would like to talk about the advantages of rco catalytic combustion equipment. here is xiaobian to introduce rco catalytic combustion equipment sales. as we all know, the choice of a product or service is to be understood from the rco catalytic combustion equipment sales, service, quality and so on.
1. reduce the initial combustion temperature of the organic waste gas. for example, methanol and formaldehyde begin to burn at room temperature under the action of pt catalyst supported by alumina (pt / al2o3). the initial combustion point of direct combustion is usually 300~600 degrees celsius.
2. combustion is not limited by the concentration of hydrocarbons.
3. basically does not cause two pollution.
4. the equipment is simple, the investment is little, and the efficiency is fast.
no matter whether coal is electricity or heating or steam supply, the main equipment is boiler. small boiler heating is often used in large and medium cities in china, and the smaller the water supply is. in this way, thousands of small chimneys point to the sky, spray black smoke at any time, and pollute the sky. therefore, scientists suggest that air pollution should be controlled by the boiler.
under the action of catalyst, the catalytic combustion tower catalyzes the catalytic combustion tower to catalyze the hydrocarbon in the organic waste gas to quickly oxidize to water and carbon dioxide at low temperature.
catalytic combustion of industrial organic waste gas is a technology, which appeared in the late 1940s. 1949, the world's first catalytic combustion unit has been developed from the us. at present, the technology has been widely applied in coatings, rubber processing, plastic processing, resin processing, leather processing, food industry, and other sectors of foundry industry, and is also used to purify automobile exhaust. in early 1973, china began to catalyze the combustion of enameled wire roaster for organic waste gas treatment, and then studied it in insulation materials and printing industry. the sale of rco catalytic combustion equipment has been widely applied.
the above is the content of the advantages of the rco catalytic combustion equipment which is shared by rco catalytic combustion equipment and shared by you. it is provided by kunshan industrial and environmental protection technology co., ltd. the company has always followed the standardized management, putting quality first in the production and service policy, providing customers with reassuring and satisfied products and services sold by rco catalytic combustion equipment.

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