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rco catalytic combustion equipment sales and maintenance mode

for the maintenance of rco catalytic combustion equipment, rco catalytic combustion equipment sales small editor to speak of their own views, i hope to have some reference to you. what kind of rco catalytic combustion equipment sells reliable products or services, many people are puzzled about the massive rco catalytic combustion equipment sales.
in recent years, domestic environmental protection has been strict. many enterprises and manufacturers have made corresponding measures for environmental protection. many enterprises are baffled by the environmental protection bureau's order for rectification or punishment. now xiaobi is here to answer for you.
environmental protection equipment can be divided into the waste gas treatment equipment, dust treatment equipment, sewage treatment equipment, the daily operation of the equipment is needed for human daily operation check open, but the staff may ignore the equipment, such as aging equipment, equipment maintenance, equipment lines and equipment check valve, although the daily inspection of these seemingly not worth mentioning, but often at the critical moment, it has neglected the great.
here is a summary of the maintenance process of a set of daily waste gas treatment equipment for your reference!
1. check the number of neutralizing drugs every day, carefully record and make dose calculation, and replenish them in time.
2. check the operation of the pump every day to check whether the sprinkler is normal.
3. check the operating condition of the fan, the temperature of the motor and bearing seat, the noise and vibration of the locomotive.
4. the belt tension is checked and adjusted every week, and the belt is replaced every quarter.
5. fans for the first time replacement of special oil bearing seat, and then regular quarterly replacement;
6. injection motors are injected with high quality grease every quarter.
7. regular or regular replacement of water circulation liquid, should prevent circulation fluid saturation, remove sediment in time, and keep the tank clean.
8. or regularly check whether the packing is fouling, impurities or damage.
9. clean the hot water tank of the medical box every month to reduce the plugging of the hot water pump.
10. the replacement of a probe every half year, and according to the specifications provided by the original supplier, do a good job of the system.
11. each year or regular replacement of filler to prevent the aging of packing and a large number of adhesives;
12. check the wear of the pump and the smoothness of the bearings, gaskets and operation.
welcome to kunshan oatuu environmental protection technology co., ltd. was committed to rco catalytic combustion equipment products and services, we provide long-term rco catalytic combustion equipment sales, the price is low, if you are interested in our rco catalytic combustion equipment sales, please feel free to contact us.

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