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how to deal with the failure of explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector

xiaobian and everyone today talking about the explosion protection pulse bag dust collector fault how to deal with, the following is a small editor to introduce explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector. as we all know, the selection of a product or service should be understood from the processing, service and quality of the explosion-proof pulse bag filter.
flue gas treatment method for explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector
fault explosion-proof pulse bag filter will have a lot of problems in the process of operation, when the fault occurred in the operation personnel dust does not seem to be at a loss what to do when a fault occurs, the fault of our pulse bag filter is easy to total ash, what we need to do this, when a fault occurs?
when our operators see the pulse bag dust collector, the first thing we have to do is stop the operation of the dust collector and the dust collector is closed. then we check the cause of dust dust, the general dust dust is the instant "ash", continue to "ash". continuous removal of ash is usually due to serious damage or leakage of dust bag, dust bag with one of the reasons is due to the bad and hang pulse bag filter plate, plate flower and flower board links closely enough. instantaneous "ash" is the dust bag in the condition of damage not serious, the appearance of ash.
explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector "ash", how do we check the damaged bag? the pulse valve and the exhaust port can be picked up according to the electromagnetic pulse control device, and corresponding to the action of the digital to determine which dust bag is damaged. we can use the flashlight to see the dust bag ash in the box. if the dust bag is damaged seriously, the dust bag should be replaced and the replacement work is stopped under the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner. the controller of the disassembly and ash cleaning is closed, the top of the manhole is opened, and the skeleton coil is pinched in the pocket to form a concave shape. the dustproof bag is pulled out, and the new bag can be installed with the cleaning of the dust bag plate hole. we can use the same method to find the damaged filter bag, and the filter bag will not be seriously damaged, so we can repair the filter bag.
the above is the contents of the explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector, which is provided by kunshan industrial and environmental protection technology co., ltd. the company has always followed the standardized management and put the quality first in the production and service policy, providing customers with reassuring and satisfied explosion-proof pulse bag filter products and services.

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