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attention to the use of explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector

xiaobian arranged for everyone to pay attention to the contents of using explosion-proof pulse bag filter. with the continuous development of explosion-proof pulse bag filter technology, explosion proof pulse bag filter has gradually penetrated into people's daily life.
what should be paid attention to in the application of explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector? the pulse dust collector is a dry dust collector. it is suitable for collection of fine, dry and non fiber dust. the package is dust containing gas with fiber filter by the textile or textile cloth pad, filter fabric, when the dust laden gas into the pulse dust remover, particles larger proportion of dust, due to gravity sedimentation down, falling into the ash bucket, fine dust containing gas through the filter, the dust is blocked with gas.
the advantages of explosion-proof pulse bag dust collector:
the structure is friendly, humanized and easy to operate, especially for small molecular dust that can't be identified by human eyes. a new pulse dust collector, dust can capture different properties, strong cleaning ability, high efficiency, low emission, low leakage rate, low energy consumption, can be installed in the bottom of the universal casters, as the workshop dust removal equipment, always need to keep moving, covers an area of small, stable and reliable operation. the economic benefit is good, the pulse duster has obvious advantages, stable operation, easy to recover dry dust, no sludge treatment, corrosion and other problems. more and more enterprises choose it.
here we will introduce the matters that should be paid attention to in the daily life of bag type dust remover:
1. maintenance
check the control cabinet, pulse valve, dust bag, dust rack, electromagnetic pulse valve and so on. the failure of the rubber diaphragm of the electromagnetic pulse valve is a common fault, which directly affects the cleaning effect of the pulse dust collector. in addition, the oil and water separator should be checked and cleaned regularly to keep the operation unobstructed.
2. resistance problems
the equipment is judged by observing the u differential pressure gauge. if pressure increases, it means blockage of filter bags, dust of filter bags, condensation of water vapor, failure of structure, too much clogging caused by dust accumulation, and increase of gas flow rate. leakage occurs between the box or the compartment, and the speed of the fan is slowed down.
3. operation record
the ventilation and dust removal equipment must be installed on the corresponding testing instruments. it must be regularly measured and recorded in daily operation. after checking for several days, we can find out the problems in time and eliminate faults in time, so as to ensure the normal operation of the device.
kunshan gong tong environmental protection technology co., ltd. is committed to explosion-proof pulse bag filter, has a mature process, the company has strong technical force, specializing in explosion-proof pulse bag filter, quality of survival, welcome you to come to consult.

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