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kunshan industrial environmental protection technology co., ltd.-2022世界杯买球平台

the haze lasted more than 20 years, is still raging aggravated the situation, has the most urgent, imminent national and multinational environmental problems (it expects tenth global environmental problems soon will be included in the sandstorm).
the concept of dioxin is very weak. it is a more terrible inducible carcinogen. it can be predicted that if we don't take timely measures, there will be many, many cancer patients in the near future. the result, like the present haze.
the technology of mercury removal in china is very backward. in the technology communication with related environmental protection personnel, we know that china is still using the technology that japan eliminated 50 years ago in the pvc manufacturing
co2 emission control technology is not in place. at present, our country is still a big country of co2 emission. co2 is the culprit of the warming of the earth. the ministry of industry and emperor had been inaugurated by the ministry of environment

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