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the dust explosion accidents occur frequently, and the indus...

since 2010, there have been several large dust explosion accidents in china, causing heavy casualties and property losses: february 24, 2010, starch dust explosion accident occurred in qinhuangdao lihua starch factory, resulting in 21 deaths, 47 people were injured, the direct economic loss of 17 million 300 thousand; in august 2, 2014, kunshan metal products co., ltd. aluminum alloy dust explosion accidents. a total of 146 people were killed, 114 people were injured, the direct economic loss of 351 million yuan; in june 27, 2015, eight in taiwan and new taipei city square water park stage, held in the color party activities in the last 5 minutes of dust explosion accident occurred, killing more than 500 people were injured, 12 people were killed;
in april 29, 2016 16, aluminum dust explosion accident occurred in shenzhen city, guangdong province, guangming new district star jingyi hardware processing factory. as of may 6th, 4 people were killed and 6 were injured, of which 5 were severely burned.

according to the incomplete statistics of the institute of industrial explosion and protection of the northeastern university:
2005 ~2015, china dust explosion accidents since 72, 262 people died, 634 people injured. the main industries of dust explosion accidents are metal processing (aluminum and magnesium products polishing and polishing), wood processing, chemical industry (including silicon and sulfur), food and feed, metal powder making and so on. the main dust is metal, wood, food, silicon powder, chemical, pulverized coal and so on.
the lesson of dust explosion is profound. how to protect dust explosion risk through technical plan? explosion proof dust removal plan is the best choice for enterprises involved in dust explosion.
kunshan oatuu environmental technology co., ltd. is a set of technical development, planning and design, equipment manufacturing, installation, sales and customer service service in one integrated environmental protection facilities, explosive dust project contractors and environmental protection machinery manufacturing company. the company covers an area of 20000 square meters, and the company has 305 personnel, including 27 professional r & d designers, 10 electrical engineers, 25 senior production technicians, and a professional construction team and specialized after-sale service department. the company has a very professional production equipment and various types of system ability of self supporting, dust and exhaust system fan, dust collector, venturi tube bag, stent cage, packing ring (rasching), rotary discharge valve, spiral tube and screw conveyor and other accessories are made by the company's own r & d and by supporting the production of professional production line, the key parts are imported high quality products, can ensure the best price and highest quality to get customers high quality products and accessories of equipment maintenance.
company design and manufacture of various types of dust explosion related equipment specifications, perfect performance, all of the industrial design, equipment system have been integrated and modular, especially has the advantages of simple operation, beautiful appearance and low failure rate etc.. it is widely used for industrial dust collecting equipment, industrial waste gas equipment and so on in electronic industry, foundry industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, rubber and plastic industry, automobile industry, electric stove, industrial boiler and so on.
kunshan oatuu environmental technology co. ltd. in 2016 was named suzhou city safety production management association, suzhou die casting association jointly awarded the first "dust removal facilities design, production and installation of" benchmarking enterprise, general manager of the company mr. ding jianguo, business director ms. yuan xiaoqin has become a city of suzhou explosives expert working group of experts dust the members of the committee. as the first benchmarking enterprise, the environmental protection company continued to focus on social benefits, concerned about the interests of users, improved the level of technology research and development, and continued to forge ahead in the industry to escort the safety production of powder enterprises.
company will carry the new dust removal facilities scheme in june 2017 28-30 at the suzhou international exhibition center and the second suzhou dust explosion technology conference & exhibition, jointly organized the exhibition by the northeastern university industrial explosion protection institute, suzhou city safety production management association, suzhou die casting association, will focus on anti explosion duster assessment program specification, specification and approval system of explosive dust dust, dust collector and standard parts usage, user management unit maintenance experience etc.. suzhou dust explosion technology seminar will be in support of the government and experts in relevant areas and active participation, to implement the guiding ideology of national safety production "13th five-year" plan, promote the development of the concept of security, promote the technology and equipment level of dust explosion safety production enterprises in our city to continuously improve the safety management, standardize our trade involving powder place, promoting effective to improve the city's production safety work. mr. ding jianguo, the general manager of the company, will also make an academic report on the "metal dust dusting system explosion protection solution" at the seminar, in-depth reading the safety solutions involving the metal dust industry for users.
kunshan oatuu environmental protection science and technology limited company invites domestic and foreign government departments, explosive dust and relevant industry associations, relevant enterprises, explosive dust explosive dust in the design and manufacture of production units to visit the company guidance booth. the company will also continue to pay attention to social benefits and concerns the interests of users, enhance the level of technology research and development, and continuously forge ahead in the industry, the successful experience of the company foxconn, giant, the united states service apple corp, toyota and other well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, in-depth understanding of the latest policy dynamic state dust regulation, for production safety escort involving powder enterprises the.

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