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the first suzhou city dust explosion technology symposium

in order to further promote china's dust explosion related enterprise safety production, accelerate the self-examination and supervision of the dust explosion, co sponsored by the northeastern university industrial explosion protection institute, suzhou city safety production management association, co organized by shanghai research institute of chemical industry of suzhou city in 2016 dust explosion technology conference & exhibition in june 27-29 at the suzhou international convention and exhibition center of radio and television the opening. the exhibition of "the implementation of the national explosion-proof safety technical standards, research at home and abroad advanced technology, dust explosion, dust explosion show domestic and foreign industry application" as the main goal, suzhou city safety production management association secretary general yang jianping as welcoming the organizers on behalf of the state administration of work safety; four division director li zheng, the national production safety expert group member zhong shengjun professor, professor wang zhi, professor meng xianwei on rectification dust explosion and dust explosion risk assessment, supervision, dust explosion mechanism, dust explosion proof standard and industrial enterprises dust explosion supervision points of theme report. suzhou safety production management association experts wang weiqing and wang fuxing will report on dry dust and wet dust removal and explosion-proof, respectively. the three - day exhibition will focus on the theme of "explosion-proof technology and safety" and offer a high quality feast to the industry.
kunshan oatuu environmental protection technology co., ltd. suzhou region as the industry's first dust removal facilities manufacturing business, production and management of dust removal facilities supplier recommendation unit, a live demonstration of the explosion-proof dedusting products with core patented technology, the general manager ding oatuu environmental at the seminar was entitled "special report - oatuu explosion-proof dedusting system solution" for the industry, introduced the system of industry solutions.
in order to ensure the quality and authority of the conference, the organizing committee staff in exhibitions organized experts to kunshan oatuu environmental technology co. ltd. the design, production, installation of dust removal facilities form audit and on-the-spot investigation, confirmed that kunshan oatuu environmental technology co. ltd. for the user design, production and installation of dust removal facilities, can according to the national trade and industry "combustible dust workplace explosion process facilities" technical guidelines for the requirements to be implemented, the company advanced product design concept, the implementation of safety requirements, selection of safety devices to ensure proper, meet the needs of users, in accordance with relevant national standards and norms. and the establishment of 10 years in the company, in the industry of explosion-proof dedusting plays a leading leading role, providing excellent products and services for apple, toyota, foxconn, giant and other world top 500 enterprises.
kunshan oatuu environmental protection science and technology limited company will also be the organizing committee and the conference & exhibition of a dust explosion is committed to accelerate the promotion of dust explosion prevention and control technology, and promote enterprises to strengthen the production of explosive dust explosion-proof safety awareness, advanced technology, establish and improve production safety standard. through the sharing of dust explosion knowledge and information, the promotion of advanced experience and technology, for the safe production of enterprises to protect the escort.


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